Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We need change, this is what this is about.

My choices reflect a life time of working many union and non-union jobs in all the main local industries. A populous from union experiences and fiscally conservative from non.

Other than making me a fiscally conservative populous I really don`t give a rats ass about politics. I doubt if I`ve voted more than a few times in my whole life. I`ve always maintained they can steal a few millions missing but make sure we get the best deal in town.
The federal government has care and control, they have lost control and don`t care. Greed has broken the system.

In all of history a system broken by corruption has never fixed itself, ever...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Provincially Nominated Federal Government

The Canadian government has been mired in decades of partisan politics resulting in decades of failed federal policy. A provincially nominated federal government eliminates partisan politics at the federal level as some representatives will be nominated not only by the provincial powers but by municipalities, unions leaders, tribal leaders etc. Your complaints need not be addressed to Ottawa but by the people you know who sent that person. The definition of grass roots governance. The overall effect will be an unelected government made up of unelected personal similar to our senate, except as they are hired they can be fired.

The principle of grass roots governance can be adhered to by allowing only 5 reps be nominated by the provincial government and 5 from the opposition to make up the core of the committees whereas as many as 50 can be nominated by municipalities to fill the rest of the posts. This roadblock to partisanship puts the bulk of federal governance at the hands of the voters through provincial, municipal and local elections.

It was successful in Afghanistan till 2004 until it was replaced by a national election, and it did work better than the results of their national election. It will work here to replace our broken system.

None of the above is a choice.

Trudeau split the country with NEP then gave us the Charter followed by the 1987 Supreme Court of Canada that fathers have no rights, splitting the country by gender as well. Now we are dealing with the gang capital of the world. The worst yet to come as the highest number of parent denied children in history turns street age.
International investors saw the risks and started leaving in 2002 along with Ontario jobs. For the last three years they have only invested in internationally priced commodities while they wait to see who takes responsibility for creating the gang capital of the world.
Brian Air Bus Mulroney imposed an illegal tax on the people for what ever reason ending provincial commitment to confederation, yet to play out.
In 1990 the feds unanimously passed a motion to end child poverty by 2000. It was worse in 2000 and still worse now.
Chretien gave us over a decade of stagnant wages and lost investor confidence producing job losses in Ontario as far back as 2002.
A decade of massive government hiring on surplus, over taxation, revenue accomplishing a shallow white wash over private sector job losses since 2002.
`A few millions missing, it was good for the country` set the tone for the biggest scam any Cdn government has ever attempted. The 0 down 40 year mortgage bailing out all the over invested developers. Not a single MP will answer the question as to why they introduced it in 2006 when the market was already over heated.
The worst is yet to come as our federal government follows the US lead in spending more to cure an over spending problem.

A system broken by corruption has never fixed itself,,, ever,,, it was replaced.
Canada top ecstasy producer
On the ecstasy front, the UN report found that since 2003-04, "Canada has emerged as the primary source of ecstasy-group substances for North American markets, and increasingly for other regions."
"blatantly" defying the intervention by his office
"They do it because they can,"
Canada cited for lax anti-bribery measures
Canada is among the remaining 21 signatories that have done "little or no" enforcement.
Four years of B.C. cabinet e-mails erased
7/3/2009 11:16:22 AM
"The Document Disposal Act requires that [electronic records] be kept for seven years,""Justice Bennett said she was reluctant to do that, because the defence has yet to establish that the material is relevant."One has to believe illegally destroying the documents would indicate the documents are related to the criminal activity under investigation.A crime was committed destroying the documents, where is the perp walk?Federal corruption has set the tone for the country.
I could fill pages with examples but will list some of the majorities and few lesser's as I`m eager to move on to the alternatives to the status quo.
A provincially nominated federal government is a proven system, vote for it by voting `none of the above`.